Welcome To  Audiobobinas

www.audiobobinas.com is a web site dedicated to a audio, music, vinyl, tranformers, vacuum tubes, headphones and etc. You can find information about things related to electronics and audio components. Special attention is paid to magnetic cores, tranformer design and coil winding. This is not a professional website. It is a hobby site that aims to provide interesting information to other audiophiles. I’m an audio enthusiast from a very early age and I always found it interesting to deal with audio electronics. The enthusiasm and my love for music was my engine to study the technical aspects of audio devices. In the early 80s I began to listen music recorded on vinyl, magnetophon and compact cassette. Later, of course, and Compact Disc.

About This Web Development

Adiobobinas is very simple website based on WordPress CMS with PHP and MySQL support. I chose for my site the best wordpress theme. I used Avada theme which is ready for users with basic knowledge to development a high quality website. Avada’s powerful setup allows you to easily create unique looking sites.